List of accepted proposals for Semester 2019A

IDPIProposal Title
19A-1-CN06行方宏介M型フレア星AD Leo のスーパーフレアの連続分光観測:彩層放射の時間変化とフレアに伴うプラズマ噴出の検出
19A-1-CN07前田啓一Follow-up Observations of Supernovae and Explosive Transients I. Classical Mode
19A-1-CN08Inoue, YoshiyukiUnveiling Local Metallicity Environment of X-ray Binaries in M 51
19A-1-CN09Jiang, JianSpectroscopic Follow-up Observations for z ≲ 0.1 Early-phase Type Ia Supernovae Discovered by the HSC–Tomo-e Synergetic Transient Survey
19A-1-CN10大塚雅昭Planetary Nebula Evolution for Galactic Archaeology by a Seimei Spectroscopic Survey (PEGASS)
19A-1-CN11太田耕司Spectroscopic observations of the bright BROS sample
19A-1-CN12Yamashita, TakujiExtended Star Formation and Gas in ow in Nearby Luminous Mergers
19A-1-CT01前田啓一Follow-up Observations of Supernovae and Explosive Transients II. ToO Mode
19A-1-CT03Morokuma, TomokiSpectroscopic Follow-up for Rapid Transients Discovered by Tomo-e Gozen High-Cadence Transient Survey
19A-1-CT09小路口直冬ER Ursae Minoris 型矮新星RZ Leonis Minoris の連続分光観測による軌道周期の推定
19A-1-CT10磯貝桂介連続分光観測による再増光現象中のWZ Sge 型矮新星の円盤輝度分布の再構成