List of accepted proposals for Semester 2020B

Normal (Classical)

IDPI NameProposal Title
20B-N-CN02行方宏介M型フレア星EV Lacのスーパーフレアの彩層放射の連続分光観測 II 〜フレアに伴うプラズマ噴出の検出〜
20B-N-CN03前原裕之Time-resolved spectroscopy of stellar superflares II: RS CVn binrary V1355 Ori
20B-N-CN04秋山正幸A new population of extreme starburst galaxies at intermediate redshifts
20A-N-CN05磯部優樹KOOLS Integral-Field Spectroscopy for Extremely Metal-Poor Galaxies at z~0.03 Identified by the Deep HSC Imaging. II
20A-N-CN06大塚雅昭Planetary Nebula Evolution for Galactic Archaeology by a Seimei Spectroscopic Survey (PEGASS)

Normal (ToO, ToO+Classical)

IDPI NameProposal Title
20B-N-CT01志達めぐみ全天 X 線監視装置 MAXI が検出した X 線連星のアウトバーストの分光モニタ
20B-N-CT03木邑真理子Optical spectroscopic monitoring of bright dwarf-nova outbursts for the study of disk winds
20B-N-CT05前田啓一Follow-up Observations of Supernovae and Explosive Transients
20B-N-CT06諸隈智貴Spectroscopic Follow-up for Rapid Transients Discovered by Tomo-e Gozen High-Cadence Transient Survey
20B-N-CT07磯貝桂介連続分光観測による WZ Sge 型矮新星の円盤輝度分布の再構成